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carding forums carding forums
revolut carding carding forums
carding forums carding forums
carding forums carding forums
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Important Announcements HERE
473 Replies 26 Topics Western Union Tracking pa...
Saturday 2 | 08:44:AM
by Scoopgo
Introduce yourself to other members.
4,938 Replies 3,139 Topics Intro
by 0xAnon

VERIFIED SALES (Trusted Sellers)
Sellers verified by our staff [100% trusted]. Only Verified Sellers can post New Thread!
* iPhone 12, Samsung, Laptops, MacBooks
* WesternUnion/Bank Transfer
* PayPal | Payza | Moneybookers > TRANSFER
* Selling GOLD 15 - 300 grams - 24 Karat
* WebMoney Carding
30,607 Replies 18 Topics Carding iPhone 12, 11, X...
by Boogie15
Secondary Market (unverified)
UNFERIFIED!!! All Unverified sellers can post here. We do suggest you to buy only from verified sellers...
Sub Forums:
* Trade / Exchange (unverified)
* Unverified sales (unverified)
* Services (unverified)
* Buy (unverified)
7,442 Replies 558 Topics Paypal accounts For sale
Friday 22 | 05:13:PM
by luzyfur
[Escrow Service]
[ If you want to buy in safe way and not to get ripped from some kid, use our Escrow Service ]

PerfectMoney | BitCoin | Western Union | Cash
16,424 Replies 1,478 Topics 2 iphone 12 pro max fom z...
Saturday 23 | 01:24:PM
by CardingDaddy
Scam Report
If someone from our site ripped you, post here! He will be banned. If you are a liar, you will be banned.
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Feedback & Comments
Give comments and feedback about our forum in this section.
Please select the prefix: [Positive] or [Negative]
315 Replies 118 Topics Test, just a test
Friday 22 | 06:29:AM
by XRumerTest

Dumps, Accounts and Databases
Accounts from other sites; Porn xXx, warez, gaming, hacking etc. Databases hacked, Dumps etc.
52,515 Replies 3,733 Topics freee cc dumps
by iamtherealneo
Private Tutorials and Utilities
Here you get Private & fresh stuff for NON VIP members - you can enjoy a demo for our VIP
555 Replies 80 Topics Bitcointalk database leak...
Sunday 24 | 11:26:AM
by Tdog0422
All databases here have been checked and uploaded to our servers and will be downloadable 24/7
322 Replies 96 Topics Alboraaq carding
Tuesday 12 | 11:14:AM
by danklogix
Carding Tutorials
All about Carding. Here you catch the most interesting tutorials for carding Ebay, Walmart, Amazon and other online shops and stuff .
643 Replies 129 Topics bitcoin carding method
Monday 25 | 09:34:PM
by mtayyab173
Carding Proof / Showoff
Here you can show your carding skill with Proof
590 Replies 272 Topics 8 Vulnerable Sites
Friday 25 | 10:18:PM
by smithone4519


Backdoors, RATs, Trojans, Rootkits
Gaining access to a system via malware is respected here
1,344 Replies 225 Topics RWX Rat
Wednesday 11 | 06:08:PM
by bilalkhanicom
Hacking Tutorials
All kind of hacking Tutorials
1,777 Replies 836 Topics Bitcoin generator 2019
Thursday 21 | 03:37:PM
by Aocasone
Websites Vulnerability / Exploits
Post here exploits, 0day, links vulnerable etc
985 Replies 320 Topics Fresh Dork Credit Card
Tuesday 12 | 11:41:PM
by Lester
Crypters, Binders, Packers
Everything you need to make your files FUD (Fully UnDetectable)
1,002 Replies 118 Topics XEN V1.0.7
Monday 11 | 03:45:AM
by 0day
Botnets, IRC Bots, and Zombies
Do you know how it feels to control 100K systems ? Find out here
1,327 Replies 68 Topics irc chk bot
Wednesday 22 | 10:54:AM
by Bosnjo
Main Discussions
Major discussions which are not specific can be posted here.
331 Replies 127 Topics Receiving carded items
Friday 22 | 06:21:PM
by luzyfur
Need HELP!
Here You Can Put Your REQ To Any Thing in Hacking Problem's or if you need any help From Hackers
355 Replies 153 Topics Got plenty of cards need ...
Friday 22 | 01:37:AM
by Vik87x
This common sexual manipulation social engineering technique is often used in chat rooms and IMs. Post more about e-whores in this forum.
243 Replies 56 Topics E-Whore #1
Sunday 10 | 09:36:PM
by lolzor

Carding Tutorials
carding forums Read here Tutorials posted by our expert carders and get more experience how to card successfully
2,667 Replies 447 Topics UPGRADE to have access on...
Monday 6 | 01:36:PM
by Tornado
Carding Tools
carding forums Our Experts Code some Pretty Cool Programs and Scripts for newbies this a big opportunity to learn fast ..
2,367 Replies 124 Topics UPGRADE to have access on...
Monday 6 | 01:41:PM
by Tornado
Dumps and Tracks
carding forums We got Dumps via many sources . we always share with our respected members free of coast . get here some good ones
12,556 Replies 2,269 Topics UPGRADE to have access on...
Monday 6 | 01:52:PM
by Tornado
Bank and PayPal Accounts
carding forums Now you can get here some working paypal accounts also banks
5,526 Replies 1,450 Topics UPGRADE to have access on...
Monday 6 | 01:53:PM
by Tornado
Cards ( CCV , VCC , Fullz )
carding forums Fresh PRIVATE Cards Available here for CARDERSmembers
12,884 Replies 4,778 Topics UPGRADE to have access on...
Monday 6 | 01:54:PM
by Tornado

V.I.P Discussion
carding forums Upgrade to V.I.P Member
8,713 Replies 1,384 Topics UPGRADE to have access on...
Monday 6 | 01:54:PM
by Tornado
V.I.P Exploits
carding forums Private & Public exploits
2,448 Replies 251 Topics UPGRADE to have access on...
Monday 6 | 01:55:PM
by Tornado
V.I.P Banks/PayPal accounts, Creditcards, Dumps FRESH
carding forums Fresh and private Banks, paypal accounts / CreditCards/Dumps and others
12,725 Replies 2,517 Topics UPGRADE to have access on...
Monday 6 | 01:55:PM
by Tornado
V.I.P Accounts and Databases
carding forums Accounts and Databases private.
5,861 Replies 3,385 Topics UPGRADE to have access on...
Monday 6 | 01:56:PM
by Tornado

General Discussion
Talk about anything here.
2,636 Replies 270 Topics loading prepaid visa card...
Monday 25 | 06:54:AM
by Denisearteaga
Get News About the World Here!
611 Replies 346 Topics The resolution of the Bit...
Tuesday 2 | 06:14:AM
by bouzebal
Technical Support
Report Bugs, vulnerabilities in our forum, problems etc.
38 Replies 15 Topics Vulnerabilities report [+...
Saturday 31 | 12:46:PM
by uaslinbop8259
Trashed !
All trashed topics HERE
89 Replies 52 Topics Cvv Seller!!!!
Monday 12 | 11:42:PM
by A1+

Anonymity and Security
VPN, socks, SSH tunnel server, VPS, abuznye hosting, data encryption and transmission of information, methods of information protection
969 Replies 38 Topics Vip72 socks accounts!
Sunday 1 | 04:31:PM
by monkeyking777
Socks / Proxy
Get 4/5 socks proxies FREE Here.
11,016 Replies 3,642 Topics [Vn 5] Service ...
10 hours ago
HTTP Proxy
Get & Share All HTTP Proxies Here.
48 Replies 33 Topics wrk proxy checked
Thursday 21 | 07:03:AM
by kopite
Proxy Programs
Get Proxy Tester & Listeners!
440 Replies 28 Topics Hidemyass Daily Premium P...
Tuesday 12 | 01:35:AM
by 0day

Visual Basic and .NET Framework
Tutorials and coding help for Visual Basic are here. Microsoft's event driven language using the COM model. Also included are the .NET Framework topics. C# topics should be here too.
88 Replies 32 Topics xRAT
Saturday 2 | 11:17:PM
by Xp2018
C/C++/Obj-C Programming
A forum for the entire family of C/C++/Obj-C coding. Gain help on compiling, objects, classes, and functions.
182 Replies 40 Topics Basic Anti-Debugging in C...
Saturday 2 | 11:30:PM
by Xp2018
Coding and Programming
Ruby, ASP and other programming languages not covered in the other forums should be posted here.
198 Replies 57 Topics [FREEE] Shop script for S...
Sunday 22 | 06:17:PM
by kjuseven
Java Language, JVM, and the JRE
Write once and run anywhere. That's Java. This is the forum for Oracle's popular language. Java is one of the best OOP languages available today. Learn more here.
103 Replies 15 Topics Read and write file in Ja...
Thursday 30 | 06:54:PM
by ramziy
This forum is setup for all Delphi programming threads. Delphi is perfect for rapid development with its integrated IDE. Its Rapid Application Development tools are key to success.
26 Replies 16 Topics Hydra Botnet (Tor Based B...
Friday 21 | 01:33:PM
by janeiro
Python / Perl
Python is one of the most powerful adaptable general purpose languages. We have this forum specifically devoted to the Python language.
105 Replies 44 Topics [Python] SMTP Scanner/Bru...
Monday 24 | 07:49:AM
by micheal12345

Apply for Coders
You have skills for coding ? and you want to be fame ?
8 Replies 3 Topics How to apply for Coders
Monday 25 | 04:36:AM
by johnnydoeski1
Apply For Verified Seller
Become an verified seller and boost your sales at forum
4 Replies 2 Topics [] Service...
Saturday 7 | 05:30:AM
by FireHeaven
Apply For Super Moderator
You want to join us as a team ? Apply here
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